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Hi Everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog- hope you stay awhile and we get to know each other! You may now Meet me (formally- Naija style- smiles). Let’s do this in a Q & A format shall we?

Full Name(s):

Faith Temitope Adepoju-Nsa A.k.a – Faith History

Why are you called Faith History?

Why Not? If this world is a stage-Then this is my stage name.

What do you really do for a living?

I’m a Media Entrepreneur- a Creative, Professional, Personality, Executive Producer and also a bit of a ham. I love to laugh and make people happy around me. So I find ways to infuse that into my work. I currently work on Radio; as a host on several shows centred around various themes (Gossip, Technology & Women Empowerment)

Did you ever host a TV show? Why Did you stop? What Happened?

Yes I did – It was called- Rolling with Faith History, I also hosted Hi-Fashion Afrika and really nothing bad happened. I did it for 7 seasons and it was awesome and it was everything I ever dreamed up and more.. but after a while I just lost the drive and the passion and Radio took over. I will get back on TV when the right project comes along. Looking forward to it

Faithy40What inspires your sense of Style?

To be candid- everything and anything colourful … I’m equally inspired by market women in strange and exotic looking accessories, as well as Super models in high fashion magazines and a cool chic walking down a bustling Lagos street. My husband teases me that I’m like a kid in a candy store.. and just get caught up in the colours! I totally agree.

You’ve had several websites and blogs over the years.. but nothing really stuck- what’s different about this one?

That’s not strictly true. I have had different sites for various businesses/brands I’ve developed over the years.. some are still around, some I’ve had to let go because its time was up- about this one?? I don’t know- maybe it’s just time to try again. I’m very excited and finally feel settled enough in a place in my life where I can share more of myself with the world.. and readers can really connect with me and hopefully we can inspire each other and have meaningful conversations on life, style, parenting and everything in between! Hopefully this Queen’s blog will stick for a long long time!!!HAHA! Enjoy and Do bug me if I start falling off the blogging wagon!

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