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Foldable African Stool/Table

May 26, 2017


Hand painted folding African stools

When I’m not on radio – I paint… sometimes… and I really enjoy painting and up cycling furniture. I’ve had requests for these cute foldable tables/stools/benches…you can use them around the house for a myriad of things… as a night stand, a side table, a kitchen stool… something for the kids to sit on or play on in their rooms.. the list is really endless! I’m going to be working on my store.. so it’ll be up for sale through there soon hopefully! I really love this pair what do you think? By the way did I mention they do fold away quite nicely for storage. I’m thinking about going up to Isolo with a friend soon and getting my hands on some really nice old wooden second-hand furniture so I can paint away to my heart’s content… when I get going it can get a bit obsessive. What do you guys think?


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