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How to be A Youtuber

July 31, 2017

Step 1: Decide on your gear (mobile phone (smart) or inexpensive DSLR if you have one) and Set up your Channel

Step 2: Learn simple editing or if you’re brave- learn to use something more complicated like use a pro editing program

Step 3: Decide on a unique, sustainable content Focus and start Filming and posting videos to your channel using the right tags so your content can be discoverable

Step 4: Commit to a regular /consistent post schedule so your audience doesn’t fall off, plan your content ahead if you can.

Step 5: Post consistently, Post regularly, Post again and again

Everything else you need to know is on  Youtube.com/creators

Google for Nigeria_What I wore.

Google for Nigeria_What I wore.

So  #googlefornigeria had several events last week of July 2017, and I went to one of them- lots of innovation, support and products were unveiled for the Nigerian market including localisation of languages (Gboard), digital skills training for 10million citizens across Africa (planned), enhanced support for developer hubs and better powered search.

What you need to know ???
Nigeria’s growth in search is outpacing global usage. So pages will be 5x faster, use 90%less Data and saved search data will still be available when you go offline. Posts.withgoogle.com (now available for artists & influencers)
Locally tailored Health searches and answers are a huge focus and the team is currently working with the University of Ibadan’s medical department to tailor these answers to match the Nigerian context.

Plus before that the previous 2 days were full of sessions with other youtube creators in Nigeria and I got to meet and hang out with some really cool creative peeps and future collaborators – @eniolatito @ @thedelphinator @akahnanni @tosynbucknor (tag ’em)!!! @tjsmart thanks for organising this – it was brilliant!!! Time soon to get down to the real task of #vlogging.

When your week has been chock full of YouTube and Google immersions and you’re left feeling like an Afro-futuristic Internet Boss based on your cultural leverage.

Featuring myself surrounded by the (@art_of_diseyetantua) in this photo.

FYI – if this post seems a bit crazy and disjointed but you can still make sense of it – then welcome again to my world!

What do you guys think? Are you inspired to create something-  anything for online sharing purposes??

(Don’t forget to think like an entrepreneur)

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