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How to get your family coordinated (African Style)for your family photos

May 29, 2017
How to wear African print in your couple photos

So recently, we wanted to celebrate a few milestones and finally update our fRed Dashiki Outfits for Nsa Family shotsamily photos to include our youngest, Logan. I’d been feeling really guilty that he as not present in any proper family photos and didn’t want him to grow up developing a complex or something (God forbid), not my African Boy right? Well you never know; he’d made a couple remarks and at the ripe old age of 3 years old – it was a nice time where he was mature enough to listen to instructions from a photographer and generally have the patience to endure at least an hour of the process. So now we needed to decide on outfits- how many? Theme? Were we going to go the traditional African route or go more modern (euro-centric)..after much research and review on Instagram family portrait pages – here’s one of my favourites (we ended up with a feature by the way), we decided to go with a combination of looks- after all photography package we booked provided us with 2 looks/outfit options – (always ask and plan for more than 1 option so you can vary your family photos and keep them more interesting). We decided early on that we didn’t want to  use a formal studio and wanted to instead use our natural environment- which was basically our home frontage and our living room and that kept at bay the stress of lugging our outfits up and down and around town plus worrying about wrinkles and the like. Next we had to decide on our exact looks and whether we had to buy or get something tailor made. We chose denim for the first look- every family has denim right? Basic. The African outfits were a little more challenging to round up and I really wanted something that would stand out and be regal, yet not over the top- so we decided to go for the African dashiki fabric which I got for a super deal at our local fabric market in Yaba, Lagos. How to wear African print in your couple photos Took  bought about 6 yards in total- then took it to a really good tailor who makes most of my custom clothes (they’re really easy to find when you live in Lagos, Nigeria) – but just in case you don’t here are some online options  here and here who also provide the same services.  I made some simple wide legged pants with front ties, a skirt for Tenley and a pair of shorts for Logan, to top it off ( we basically ran out of fabric) we made a neck scarf thing for Henry to drap around his neck and that completed the look. Everything else, we got from our closets- my white long-sleeved blouse was from Shein.com. It turned out pretty well, wouldn’t you say? Although next time, I daresay I will book myself a professional makeup artist….other than that no complaints- the photos came out brilliant- and we were able to capture a special moment in our lives, where we were all together as a family, happy, and carefree, yet regal!Black Family portrait


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